I have known Reverend Beatrice Anna Calise for many years as a friend, a client and her student. Her insights and healing work have helped me turn my life around tremendously. I spent many healing sessions with her prior to cancer surgery, and I know she helped me make it through with flying colors. I worked with her on prosperity issues, and went from living in a rental in a bad part of town to owning three properties in upscale neighborhoods.

From Reverend Beatrice Anna's healing work on my husband, he now sleeps like a baby instead of tossing and turning all night. After struggling for many years, he now owns a successful company using Reverend Beatrice's affirmations and deep insights. He is more peaceful, calm and content with his life.

I have attended her classes in psychic development, Theta healing and manifestation. From her psychic development classes, I can now see and call upon my spirit guides, and I now do psychic readings without depending on tarot cards. Theta healing is the most powerful technique I have ever seen, and I use Theta healing techniques daily in my life.

I have more energy, get along better with others and have a deeper sense of connection with the divine. From her manifestation classes, I am now writing a novel--I have 300 pages written and am in the editing process. Beatrice is even the inspiration for one of the characters in my novel.

Reverend Beatrice is a truly gifted psychic, healer and teacher. Her healing work and classes have greatly enriched my life. Thank you, Beatrice, for all you have done for me and my husband!


Dear Beatrice,

I am very happy for you that you are going to have your own web page!

We have known you for eight years I think. I remember how I took my two daughters, then 16 and 18 years old, to get readings from you. My 16-year old Anna still talks about how you made her feel loved and that she has a very special mission here on earth! You really made a difference in her life!

Several years later Anna brought her skeptical engineer boyfriend to see you for a reading. You helped him tremendously in a difficult time in his life by giving him hope and trust in the future!

I have had many readings with you, and several past life regressions over the years. Your predictions have proven to be right and have helped me a lot. After a meeting with you I always feel optimistic and uplifted-there is a deeper meaning with my life!!

Once I arranged a group past life regression in my home for eight of my girlfriends. You facilitated for all of us to access earlier lifetimes here on earth through hypnosis. What a great experience!!!

You are not only an awesome psychic, a great role model, but also a beautiful, unselfish, giving, loving and caring mother figure for everybody who comes in touch with you! The world needs more people like you!

Well Beatrice, I mean every word. Please feel free to use anything for your website. It actually felt good to be able to tell you what an exceptional person you are!

My sister and her husband is coming for a two-week visit next Thursday. I am terribly excited! We are all going on a trip to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Tijuana.

She is now doing very well after his heart surgery. It took several trips to the emergency room and different heart doctors, but now he is fine!

Take care and don't work too hard!


Thank you for your techniques on manifesting. From December 2004 through March of 2005 I suddenly had no clients for my healing practice. But a few weeks after I started using one of your techniques, clients began appearing again for physical and emotional balancing.. The most surprising thing was that they appeared without any advertising or effort on my part except for 5-10 minutes a day I spent visualizing according to the steps you taught.

You make your classes easy and FUN!! There are always a lot of great people and lots of laughter in your groups.

Thank you again.

Beatrice is soothing and has a keen insight into the mystic world of our lives and futures. It was truly a blessing to have her do a 'reading' for me. She helped me focus on the coming months of what to expect and what negative energies to ignore. She also encourages you to believe in your own spiritual powers to make your dreams come true.


Dear Beatrice.

I wanted to send you a letter and thank you for all your help and wonderful classes over the years.   I have truly enjoyed your classes, and have always come out of them with something very insight..   You have such an amazing thoughtfulness and inspiration that you have truly touched and improved my life.

Thank you for all you have done for me.

Hi Beatrice,

Thank you so much for working with me yesterday. I felt, and still do, such an inner sense of peace. I did sleep last night, although I did have many mini wake-ups, but it wasn't that I couldn't fall back asleep. I seem to have that issue with staying asleep. Anyway, I know in time with our work and me doing the work I need to that that will all come together.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.




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